Aeroplane jitters

Today I am going on a kind of summer holiday but it includes getting on a plane. Now I’m not usually afraid of planes but lately I’ve been hearing such scary stories that everytime I get on on the outside I’m totally cool but on the inside I’m slight kinda completely freaking out!!! 1. What … More Aeroplane jitters

People that annoy ME

have you ever sat there and wondered what the the 4 things people do that annoy the crap outta AMB? (AnonymousMindBlogger) probably not! but that’s ok I think only siblings actually do that 😉 but I’m going to tell you anyway because maybe you can relate so sit back and enjoy!… or growl with me in frustration! … More People that annoy ME

bucket list challenge: do something that terrifies you.

hello everybody I hope everyone is feeling ok+ today and if you’re feeling down, I’m sending lots of hugs… even If you’re feeling over the moon I’m sending hugs because you have no idea how magical an embrace can be 🙂 I went to the beach yesterday because it was my friends birthday party. She … More bucket list challenge: do something that terrifies you.

Childhood fears.

I have always known that I was a bit of a weird child growing up. When I found out that the world wasn’t a safe place I totally panicked and got scared to live a life at the age of 5. The first time I heard about kidnapping I would hide under all the jackets … More Childhood fears.

Food Poisoning

So I’m sorry I haven’t blogged in a long time I just had the most hectic unwanted week. When I was small and people told me about food poisoning I thought that it wasn’t really that serious… maybe just a little bit of stomach cramps here and there or you’d puke once and it would … More Food Poisoning